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Must-Have Items for Every Home

It’s been said that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality in the deco of their home. Whether it’s the style of the furniture, or the rug used, every home has a certain feel to it. That level of creativity is totally up to you. Nevertheless, there are still a few key items that should be incorporated into a home regardless if your vibe is more modern chic or classic vintage.


Back-up seating: ottomans and benches

Ottomans or benches are a great added piece of furniture to any home. Not only do they serve as extra seating, but they’re also the perfect accent to any room. They can be used all over the house. Whether it’s in the living room or at the foot of your bed, this item is a must to consider in your home. As an added bonus, they can also serve as storage, especially when you place it in an entryway.

Let there be light

We all know that appropriate lighting is key in a home. But it shouldn’t be just about convenience, it should also be about making an impression. That’s why including a statement piece of lighting such as a chandelier or sconce, can elevate a room to new heights.

A little art is smart

A good way of adding a little pizzazz and personality to a room is by including artwork. Don’t panic, you don’t have to bring your paint brushes out. Having a unique piece of art on the wall can add extra personality to any room, and get the conversation started. Make it personal to you and exclusive to your home. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive piece of art at the gallery. Hanging up a family portrait or a sentimental picture can be just as artistic, and especially unique to your home.

Innovative decor accent 

Sometimes the smallest items can make the biggest impacts on a room. An innovative twist on a common household item is just what your house might be missing. Nicebucket is the perfect item to be added. This versatile ice bucket is the definition of décor chic and innovation. Not only can it be used in your home bar as an ice and drink cooler, but it can also be the perfect accent to any room in the house. The variety of patterns available allows you to choose the perfect one that matches your personality and vibe.





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