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Entertaining 101: Your Must-Have Serving Props

Whether you’re getting ready for the holiday season or simply hosting a dinner party, there are a few serving props you should not omit, as they can make your hosting game that much smoother.  Here is what you need to make sure you’re ready for every party you host from now on:


Essential prop #1 : Serving platter

Every host or hostess should have one or two good sized serving platters. As you begin hosting more parties, you can expand on your collection of serving platters to really cover all your bases. With time, you will also be able to pick and choose some that reflect your style. However, as a first step, stick to the essentials and go with neutral colours.


Essential prop #2: Utensils that match

We all have flatware for our everyday meals at home. However, on special occasions, it’s always better to use a set that not only stands out but that also matches. So the next time you’re hosting a dinner for guests, make the extra effort in bringing out your finest flatware in a matching set. It may be worth mentioning that ideally make sure you have an even number of flatware in your sets, such as 6, 8, or 12.


Essential prop #3: Wine and dine

No dinner is complete without a little vino. Make sure you have enough wine glasses, whether for red or white wine. Sure, not everyone is a wine drinker. However, you should be prepared to have the right glasses nevertheless. You don’t need to be a sommelier or a wine connoisseur to have a simple set of glasses for the evening.


Essential prop #4: Mood setters

The ambiance is everything. You want your guests to feel good, welcome, and happy. Therefore mood setters are usually a great added bonus. What kinds do you make, ask yourself? One example is having soft background music such as soft jazz, classical or even holiday music during the season. It adds a warm, homey feeling to the evening and cancels out any silence, and puts people in a relaxed mood. Another example of a good mood setter is candles and lighting. Adding that softness to the ambiance allows people to relax and get comfortable. After all, you don’t want guests that feel stressed at a party.


Essential prop #5: Add your Nicebucket to the mix

You should also include an ice bucket for parties to keep any drink chilled and fresh. But not just any ice bucket will do. Nicebucket is the ideal serving prop and conversation starter. It’s stylish and original appearance gives any room that extra pizazz it needs, and is sure to get people talking. With Nicebucket, you’re sure to tie in all aspects of your gathering and make it as chic as can be.


With these basic must-have serving props, you are sure to have everything you need to host the perfect gathering this holiday season, and every other day of the year for that matter!



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