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5 Fun Ideas To Make Your Bar Truly Spooky This Halloween

Brace yourself, Halloween is coming. And with it, comes a whole lot of costume-dressing, gloomy, yet cute, decorations and, of course, candies. It's the same every year, no? Regardless, why not try something new this year!? How about making your bar scary? And we're not just talking about public bars; we're also talking about your very own home bar!

 Before we begin, give us a chance to explain why your home bar could use a Halloween makeover! And let's be honest, if you're a true fan of Halloween, you won't even flinch at the idea! If you have plans to invite people over to your place for Halloween, chances are you'll want to share a drink. Let us help you make the occasion truly memorable and unique with our Halloween inspired bar ideas! 

Without further delay, here are five fantastic ways to turn your bar into a haunting one this Halloween!

1. A Creepy Menu

The most natural place to start with this Halloween is a fresh, spine-chilling bar menu to ''warmly welcome'' your guests. For instance, you could concoct some new cocktails and call them Vampire's Delight or Witch's Brew. Perfect for a public bar, and if you're a fan of making cocktails yourself, this is also suitable for your home bar. Just remember to add a touch of that red dye color to all your cocktails (you know why).

2. Skeletal Companions

How about if all of the tables in your bar had one or two skeletons just ''chilling,'' waiting around for someone to share drinks with... If that feels like too much, perhaps some more common Halloween props, such as fake spiders, spider webs, or even just an (artificial) amputated hand lying around on tables? These ideas are great for both public as well as home bars.

3. A Gloomy Playlist

Music is another easy, yet very effective hack for setting the right Halloween inspired vibe. One suggestion, though, don't make it too loud. Believe it or not, a relatively softer volume will give a creepier touch. Loud beats can be annoying. Always remember, when it comes to scaring someone, to make it really work, it's the subconscious that you have to hit.


4. Candles

Halloween themes are supposed to be dark and mysterious, but when you add a few lit candles, it becomes even darker (figuratively, of course). You can simply decorate your tables with candles, or you can go so far as to turn off all the lights and fill your bar with spooky candles all around. Now that's a perfect Halloween setting! 


5. Eerie Bar Accessories

Try to be as creative as you can with your bar accessories. For instance, you throw some plastic spiders in with the ice for your ice buckets, splash some red-dye over the ice or try some creepy cutlery made of skeleton-like plastic.

So, which one(s) are you going to go with for this year's Halloween bash? Do you have any other spooky ideas to share with us for your Halloween bar? Let us know in the comments!




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